The LProtector
® cage weighs in at about 850 pounds and its steel casing is designed to be moved with tank capacity up to 80% if necessary. LULL forklift trucks - with a carry capacity up to 6,000 pounds - slide in through undercarriage openings to obtain a firm hold.

As per the design LP tanks are easily inserted into the cage then firmly clamped into place.

Construction companies love this cage! They no longer need to worry about their people/equipment running into them and are able to safely move these tanks themselves without calling the propane company.

New Skid Design

The LProtector
® is now available with a new skid (sled) design for 500 and 1000 gallon tanks. This new design will allow the LProtector® to be pulled short distances on your site (using the built-in lug hole shackles, see photo gallery) on suitable flat surfaces such as snow or ice. While a lift truck or LULL is still preferable, this new feature provides more mobile options in extreme conditions or where lift trucks are not always available. The new design also provides for the tank to sit higher off the ground for better clearance and moving capabilities. All of the lifting and stacking features of the original design remain unchanged.