AVAILABLE NOW! The next generation of temp-heat winter construction set up for construction companies and their suppliers across this country.

For years the Propane industry has been servicing temp-heat suppliers using our propane gas tanks which are left vulnerable, sitting around the construction sites unprotected - accidents waiting to happen! The LProtector
® to organizations like OSHA that these issues are being addressed, and that safety is our industry's highest priority.
The LProtector
® is designed so that construction companies can safely move the propane tanks themselves using fork trucks - eliminating the tip over problem that has plagued this industry for years. Say goodbye to sudden roll-offs, broken valves and the occasional 'bump' caused by large equipment/operators. Tanks are unloaded easier and blocks no longer necessary. In almost all cases tanks are set level and are more visible on the construction sites. Insurance companies have already express interest in the  LProtector® for its competency to reduce liability.

Please visit the various sections of this site for details on how the LProtector
® can assist your needs.